Escape to Lisbon

Blog - Meeting Lisbon -

Winter in Belgium has been droopy and grey until now. Not really cold enough to enjoy the perks of winter (= wriggling your toes in front of a blazing fire and drinking hot coco all day) but not really warm enough to enjoy sticking your nose outside the door. Luckily enough, me and my sister both had some spare time on hands, so we decided to skip winter all together for the week. Our escape destination? Lisbon!

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Antwerp’s M HKA

Antwerp, Waalse kaai -

Flash! Flash! Flash! Do your days also go by like seconds? I’ve been doing “nothing” for two months now (I finished my studies in December and I am starting an internship in March, so there is a ‘nothing’ period in between), and yet I haven’t been bored for one bit. I am doing little tasks the whole day and suddenly it is time for dinner and I can’t seem to remember a single accomplishment of the day. Frightening.
HOWEVER, I did accomplish to do something cultural last week, so I feel extremely proud and busy and ready to share! Follow me?

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Birthday Celebrations

Boeket van - Birthday Celebrations -

Last week, on Tuesday the 9th of February, I turned 23. Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to streeeeetch my birthday as long as  possible. Which basically comes down to me planning a lot of dinners with family and friends, in order to satisfy my very demanding and bottomless birthday stomach. So, after a boozy party in Ghent on Monday,  nacho’s & burgers with friends on Tuesday and delicious sushi with my man on Thursday, it was time to celebrate with my family on Sunday. And since I already ticked off Mexican and Japanese from my list, it was time for that other favorite food of mine: Thai!

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That Time When…


It has been quite a while since I last wrote a post and with good reason. I kissed Paris goodbye, came home to my loved ones, saw the sea and saw the capital, got rid off the useless, gave the useful its rightful place and slowly created a steady rhythm in my life. Wake up, jog, have breakfast, read, look for a job, catch an appointment, read, eat, sleep, repeat. With that, a calm silence came over my little blog that felt natural and good.

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Hosting my Parents

Les Tuileries - Hosting my parents -

I can’t believe it is already two weeks ago that my parents were in town! Time flies by so fast: one moment you are making bad jokes with a friend and the next moment you are saying goodbye because that friend is leaving town already. My current living situation is practically a swirl of parties, Paris’ culture, happy faces and sadly, a lot of goodbyes already. Life is bittersweet right now! But mostly sweet, I must admit.

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Disneyland Adventure

Disneyland Adventure

Hello there sweet reader!

This is B again, reporting from lovely Paris.
Did you know that I had my last day of school EVER today? The last day of being a student, sitting on a bench in University,  staring blankly at the professor while scrolling through my Instagram, Fb- and snapchat feed,  listening to the professor intensely, remembering every word he/she says and asking questions in between. This is creeping me out, people. I love to be a student! I love to have no sorrows apart from some tasks and some exams (let’s be honest, it’s not the end of the world), I love to have almost no responsibilities and I love to be surrounded by fellow-students and like-minded people (read: people who are also constantly thinking about pizza and alcohol). And it’s all going away… qmdsoofiejqmlfzheeqonf!
But anyway 😂 Let’s not let the sadness of growing up keep us from beginning this post, because it is a very special one. I present to you today: a Disneyland Adventure!

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Sisterhood in Paris (Part 2)

Seine - Sisterhood in Paris -

So, I had planned on publishing this post last week, but obviously, something more serious happened in Paris. However, life has picked up its normal rhythm since then, so I thought it was about time to pick up my blog as well. Yes, today it is time for a flash back to Sunday the 8th of November, when my big sis was still in town and everyone felt happy, merry and safe!

PS: If you haven’t read our adventures of Saturday, you can find them here.

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Paris 13/11 – on Fear, Friendship and Human Flexibility

Friends in Paris 36

I was first hesitant to write this post as I don’t feel there is much more to add to everything that has been written about the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. I assume that not only my Facebook page, but everyone’s has been flooded by articles, pictures, videos and opinions of all kind. Mostly these are from people who like to express their compassion to everyone who was affected by the attacks, from people who want to show their grief or utter devastation. These are powerful reactions and show how much people care and love. They show how, when something devastating happens, people will always come together and fire back with love. Those reactions are amazing.

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Sisterhood in Paris (Part 1)

Picnic at the Eiffel tower - Sisterhood in Paris

Last weekend, my sister hopped over to Paris to bring me a visit and to breathe in some Parisian oxygen. She was extremely lucky, as the weather was absolutely amazing for the time of year and we had the best time wandering the sunny streets and taking it all in. She arrived quite late on Friday, surprising me with a nice vase of Red roses and a big smile on her face.

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