Escape to Lisbon

Blog - Meeting Lisbon -

Winter in Belgium has been droopy and grey until now. Not really cold enough to enjoy the perks of winter (= wriggling your toes in front of a blazing fire and drinking hot coco all day) but not really warm enough to enjoy sticking your nose outside the door. Luckily enough, me and my sister both had some spare time on hands, so we decided to skip winter all together for the week. Our escape destination? Lisbon!

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A Throwback – Family vacation at the Westcoast, USA

Living abroad in Paris has been absolutely amazing for me so far. Daily metro-rides passing the Eiffel tower, making real Parisian friends, a croissant-addiction and some fashion week action in between… The city silently embraces you, shows her inner beauty and then suddenly you love her. But let’s not forget about the things I love and left at home! Which means my boyfriend and my family, whom I think of and miss every day. So, as to make sure they know that I haven’t forgotten about them, here’s a little throwback to the roadtrip we did this summer along the USA’s Westcoast. Buckle up, my friends!

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