Hosting my Parents

Les Tuileries - Hosting my parents -

I can’t believe it is already two weeks ago that my parents were in town! Time flies by so fast: one moment you are making bad jokes with a friend and the next moment you are saying goodbye because that friend is leaving town already. My current living situation is practically a swirl of parties, Paris’ culture, happy faces and sadly, a lot of goodbyes already. Life is bittersweet right now! But mostly sweet, I must admit.

But for now, a little flash back to two weeks ago, when my mom and dad made a trip to Paris to see if I was surviving and all.
Now, you have to know one thing about my parents: they love good food and a glass of wine and they have transferred this love to their children (that’s me!). And hellooo happy coincidence, Paris might just be the city of good food and even better drinks! So this basically meant a weekend filled with restaurants and café’s and okay then, a little bit of culture in between. We kicked it off on Friday with oysters, fish filet and garlic escargots and followed it up on Saturday with a lazy breakfast. But then, it was finally time for exploring!

Champs Elysée - Hosting my Parents -

My parents have visited Paris multiple times in the past, so we were  not planning on doing all the obvious stuff (Eiffel tower, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame,…) but rather choose some musea and things they hadn’t seen before. So, we decided to go to l’Orangerie. L’Orangerie is a museum that is tucked in next to les Tuileries (the Louvre gardens) and is much smaller, but also much calmer and more serene than the Louvre. We took the metro there and started walking towards the museum, but got distracted by les Tuileries themselves. So we grabbed a couple of chairs and took in the magical view.

Les Tuileries - Hosting my parents - Les tuileries - - Hosting my parents -

First, I let them have the chairs and walked around a bit with my camera. But soon, I got in the chill-mood as well and joined them.

Les Tuileries - Hosting my parents -

And we were not the only ones chilling. As we sat there, a parade of different birds crossed our path. From fluffy and small…

Les tuileries- Hosting my parents -

… to fancy and elegant…

Les tuileries - Hosting my parents -

… and big and loud.

Les tuileries - Hosting my parents -

We took our time to bathe in the sun, take it all in and give our feet some rest before our culture session.

Les Tuileries - Hosting my parents -

But then, we could not postpone it any longer. Monet was waiting for us!

L’Orangerie is not like any other museum I’ve ever seen. When you enter, it feels so extremely bright and calm.

L'orangerie - Hosting my parents -

And then… Monet’s overwhelming pieces capture your attention. The works are Les Nymphéas and are truly mesmerizing.

L'orangerie - Hosting my parents -

We sat, we watched, we moved, we sat and we watched again.

L'orangerei - Hosting my parents -

The colours are gorgeous and magical.

L'orangerie - Hosting my parents - L'orangerie - Hosting my parents - L'orangerie - Hosting my parents -

Despite the calm, fascinating beauty of the paintings, it did not take long for my dad to go from serious art lover to embarrassing dad again. I did not tell you yet, but back then, he had grown a moustache for Movember. And it looked absolutely ridiculous. My mom might or might not have said the words “It looks like your nose-hair has taken a growth spurt”.  But my dad loved his moustache anyway and he asked for pictures multiple times. That man 😂 .

Ugly moustache - Hosting my parents -

The ridiculousness of his moustache even inspired us to make some artwork of our own.

L'orangerie - Hosting my parents -

Monet meets Dali.

L'orangerie - Hosting my parents -

After this embarrassing photo session, we quickly disappeared out of the room to leave the art to some less awkward people.
And to explore the other collections of course. The painting below is painted by a woman, Marie Laurencin and it is a portrait of Mademoiselle Chanel. Isn’t it fascinating how all these people knew each other at the time and formed an inner circle/club of the posh and famous?

L'orangerie Mademoiselle Chanel - Hosting my parents -

After L’Orangerie, we thought it was about time for a coffee break. So we walked along the Seine to the Champs Élysée.

Seine - Eiffel tower - Hosting my parents -

Passing the Pont Alexandre III.

Seine - Pont Alexandre III - Hosting my parents - Pont Alexandre III - Hosting my parents -

Stopping for a royal picture.

Pont Alexandre III - Hosting my parents -

And moving on again.

Pont Alexandre III - Hosting my parents -

Pont Alexandre III - Hosting my parents -

We tried to take a look into le Grand and le Petit Palais… (That’s the entrance of le Petit Palais on the picture below.)

Le petit Palais - Hosting my parents -

But skipped it in the end, and headed for food and drinks.
We ended up at Le Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre, a preeetty fancy place to grab coffee and sweets. We settled down and after looking at the map for a few minutes… my dad proposed Champagne. My mom and me were sceptical, but after some deliberation we just couldn’t resist. Champagne it was!

Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre - Hosting my parents -

Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre - Hosting my parents -

Accompanied of course, by French macarons.

Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre - Hosting my parents - Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre - Hosting my parents - Macarons - Hosting my parents -

Pavillon Élysée Lenôtre - Hosting my Parent -

This is my happy face, people.

It wasn’t really the coffee and food break we were planning on, but oh well, it was better.

A little bit tipsy, we headed for our next cultural hotspot: Musée d’Orsay. This one is more famous than l’Orangerie, so we had to share it with more tourists like us. It hosts paintings from Van Gogh, to the impressionists, to sculptures of Rodin.

Musée d'Orsay - Hosting my parents - Musée d'Orsay - Hosting my parents -

And yet another beautiful Monet:


But my favorite part are the giant clocks that decorate the building.

Musée d'Orsay - Hosting my parents -

They are enormous, classy and if you peek through them, you have an amazing view on the banks of the Seine. Love!

Musée d'Orsay - Hosting my parents -

I sadly don’t remember the artist that created the painting below but my dad and I agreed that this woman looks a lot like mom. Ola señorita!

Musée d'Orsay - Hosting my parents -

Pretty soon, the museum was closing its doors, and we took a break in a café again. Only to follow it up with another bottle of champagne in my parent’s hotel room and a dinner afterwards, in a restaurant ‘Aux Produits de Sud Ouest‘ that was specialized in duck and foie gras! Couldn’t get any more French.

Afterwards, we went to sleep and woke up fresh and sound the next day.
But not really.
Instead of waking up fresh and sound, I woke up nauseous and with sour muscles. Apparently the flu had hit me during the night! So I called my parents and they soon came to my appartment, tucking me in in the bed and comforting me with their kind words.

Sick in bed - Hosting my parents -

Hello sexy!

I send them off to do some exploring on their own and they visited the famous Père Lachaise. Afterwards, they came to my room again (I already felt a lot better. It was a very speedy-one-day kind of flu.), gave me kisses and hugs and headed off to Belgium.

Despite my off-day on Sunday, my parents and me had a fabulous time. They even told me they would come back to Paris in the future, because the city had charmed them so much. I can only hope they are willing to take me with them then! 😏

xx B

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